Will Bitcoin Ever Be a Reliable Store of Wealth in the Long Run? | LEO Podcast Clip

Mass media and crypto-skeptics often point to the volatile Bitcoin price as being the core reason why it doesn’t make sense to own any BTC.

They like to say that BTC is a purely speculative asset. Many even claim that it shouldn’t be classed as an asset at all.

To the uninformed, there is a clear rift in the public image of BTC — is it digital gold? Is it a stable form of wealth storage? Is it going to go up in price over long time frames?

There are many answers to these questions. For me, BTC is (and has proven to be in the past) a form of wealth storage and upside speculation. The key is what time frame you examine and how you acquire BTC — do you just buy it when the hype is alive or do you earn it/buy it over long time frames?

Clipped From Episode #28 of The LEO Podcast:

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