What is the Vision & Value of LeoFinance and the LEO Token In 5 Years?

In the last LEO Roundtable, we did a walkthrough of the numbers of LeoFinance to breakdown the various aspects of the community and look at it as a business.

In doing this, we came up with a valuation for LeoFinance as a company and also projected the future potential value of the LEO token given a set growth rate and a given timeframe. The primary example we used is a 5 year timeframe and an average of a doubling in the # of users per year.

Given how small LeoFinance is today, a doubling in users each year is not a hard target to reach. For example, we’ve more than doubled the number of users that interact with LeoFinance just in the past few months.

We also used some more conservative numbers in terms of current total users, etc. At the end of the day, I think the target token price of ~$0.60 over the next 5 years is extremely achievable and the growth rate of doubling our users each year (and probably even more than that) is something that we will continually focus on as well.

With all this said, we talked about how Hive plays a role in the growth of LeoFinance and vice versa. As more people use Hive, more people will likely stumble upon LeoFinance since we occupy space on Hive in terms of our applications (like Hivestats.io) and also in terms of our community and the content created by everyone actively participating in it. In turn, LeoFinance also contributes to the growth of Hive as every new LeoFinance user is automatically a user of Hive as well.

The math gets interesting when you realize how small LEO is today and how much potential it has to grow in the future when extrapolating prior performance.

Show Notes: https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@khaleelkazi/iyqcidya

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