LEO Tokenomics and How wLEO Liquidity Pools Change the Curation Game

This whole week is wLEO, wLEO, wLEO and more wLEO talk.. There are a lot of questions surrounding wrapped LEO and it’s important that we cover as much ground as possible leading up to the launch.

We want everyone here on LeoFinance/Hive to be as informed as possible before we launch wLEO on the Ethereum blockchain and list it on the Uniswap DEX.

About halfway through this clip from episode #18 of the LEO roundtable podcast, we talked about Uniswap/Ethereum traders and how our goal is to attract people outside of the Hive ecosystem.

It’s important to drive this point home: our goal is to bridge the gap from our token on Hive to the broader crypto community out there on the ETH blockchain. The wLEO token bridge allows our users and token holders to seamlessly wrap and unwrap LEO from the Hive blockchain to the ETH blockchain and vice versa.

This means that an incredible amount of utility is coming to the LEO token economy. It also means that we need a lot of liquid LEOs to be deposited into the Uniswap Liquidity Pool.

As LEO is added to this pool, we’ll see a drastic change in the tokenomics. LEO whales will be moving a significant portion of their stake over to Uniswap to take advantage of high returns for their participation in the wLEO-ETH Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol.

As this whale stake is locked into the Liquidity Pool, the remaining stakeholders who actively curate content on LeoFinance.io will earn greater rewards because of lowered competition on a stake-weighted basis.

This brings a lot of trickle down benefits to the LEO token economy. We talk about it in this clip and a few users like @taskmaster4450 have discussed the same idea across numerous posts.

Show Notes: https://leofinance.io/@khaleelkazi/woenvrrt

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