Tesla Buys $1.5B Bitcoin, Apple Crypto Exchange Rumors Circulating & the Best Profit-Taking Strategy

We decided to meet for an emergency LeoFinance podcast this morning to talk about all of the things happening in crypto right now. Tesla just filed with the SEC announcing two key pieces of news: they’ve purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin for their balance sheet AND they will soon accept BTC as a form of payment.

Show Notes: https://leofinance.io/@khaleelkazi/tesla-buys-usd1-5b-bitcoin-apple-crypto-exchange-rumors-circulating-and-the-best-profit-taking-strategy

These two pieces of news have shot the price of Bitcoin from $38k to $46k today, reaching a new all-time high.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the news in real-time, how it impacts us and where we see things headed. We also talked about a strategy we might deploy if BTC reaches a certain price target where we may look to take profits without completely selling our Bitcoin.

With the emergence of DeFi, we now have far more options when it comes to deploying capital, taking profits and leveraging our crypto to participate in the new wave of financial products.

Throughout 2020, we all talked about how 2021 would be *the* year for Bitcoin. Where the halving would show a massive impact and we would see radically higher interest in Bitcoin from major institutions.

Reality has not disappointed our expectations. First, we got Microstrategy and Michael Saylor. Now we have graduated to Tesla and Elon Musk: two of the most high profile “names” in the entire world right now (Tesla being one of the world’s most important companies of the future and Elon Musk being the richest person in the entire world).

Enjoy the podcast and also enjoy the shiny new ATH of $46k per BTC!

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