Tech Talk #5 | Digital Economies, Hive and Creating Abundance

In the latest episode of Tech Talk, @taskmaster4450 and I dove in the topic of digital economies. In the first part of this episode (the video in this post), we discussed the value of layered economies and global access especially as they relate to the Hive ecosystem.

We also tied this idea of a layered, open-access digital economy to the development of projects like LeoFinance, 3speak, Splinterlands and others which are actively being built on Hive. Each application, each developer, etc. all contribute to another layer on top of a digital world that Hive creates.

I found many of these discussions to be especially informative in terms of the way we develop LeoFinance. Each level of development is another level of access and ultimately, another step toward a better digital economy.

The more we build on Hive and the more that other projects on build on Hive, the lower the cost to build on Hive becomes. Zero marginal cost, open source code and other factors come into play here. We talk about it more in the episode.

In the few Tech Talk episodes that will follow-up this one, we’ll also dive deeper into this idea of moving from atoms to bits (as Taskmaster has dubbed it).

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