Michael Saylor is Systematically Launching a Multi-Billion Dollar BTC ETF, Bittrex Tokenized Stocks

In today’s Daily LEO: Michael Saylor to buy $400m worth of BTC, MSTR is now a Bitcoin ETF and Tokenized Stocks Arrive on Bittrex.

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Spain’s Second Largest Bank — BBVA — Launching Crypto Trading/Custody

The Block reports on some news out of Spain’s second largest bank which cites “two people familiar with the plans” saying that BBVA may be releasing crypto trading and custody services.

What I like about this news is the growing narrative around regulation. As people worry about regulation, one of the main things that adds to the resilience of cryptocurrencies is widescale global adoption.

The more we see banks/institutions/companies adopt BTC/Crypto, the harder it is to impose negative regulations on the industry. I think we’re going to see a lot more institutions jumping into crypto over the coming months and this will only serve to solidify the industry as a whole and safeguard it from regulators with bad intentions for crypto.

MSTR selling $400 million in Convertible Notes to buy more Bitcoin!

@jrcornel writes about one of the top news stories this week. Microstrategy (MSTR) led by CEO Michael Saylor is now raising $400m in convertible debt.

This sounds relatively standard… read on in their proposal and you’ll find that they actually plan to use the funds to buy BTC.

This is incredible and Jrcornel hits the nail on the head: regulators are making it hard for a BTC ETF to ever gain approval. No need, MSTR is here to save the day. Microstrategy has been behaving like a BTC ETF over the past several weeks and with all of this capital flowing into Bitcoin, I doubt that will stop any time soon.

In fact, I bet this was Saylor’s genius plan from the beginning.


Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy — a Historical View of a Forward Thinking CEO

@rollandthomas wrote this awesome article about MSTR and Saylor. I liked this historical view that Rolland showed in his post as he broke down some of Saylor’s historical calls and bet the company moments. Michael Saylor might go down in history as one of the most adaptive CEOs ever.

He has a mission and that mission is simply to adapt to the newest evolution of bleeding edge technology before other people catch on. It seems like BTC has grasped Saylor’s focus in his ongoing evolution as a public CEO who spots opportunity.

Tokenized U.S. Stock Trading is Live for 12 Different Assets on Bittrex

Here’s an article from Decrypt describing the newest assets to become a part of the Bittrex platform. They’re not exaclty cryptoassets this time around.

For years, many of us in the space have called for the future being in tokenized assets. The tokenization of everything is upon us.

Now, U.S. customers can trade tokenized shares of 12 major U.S. based stocks/ETFs. TSLA, AAPL, SPY and others are among that list. I’m personally excited to head over there and try buying some shares. Users can buy fractionalized shares with as little as $10 per buy.

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