LeoDex Interface — Trade & Manage Hive-Based Tokens

This guide was written for the new LeoPedia website that we’re building. We’re putting some final touches on that website and populating it with content before the official announcement tomorrow.

You can find and share this guide on LeoPedia at https://leopedia.io/leodex 🦁

LeoDex is a project that we run under LeoFinance. It’s an exchange interface that connects to the Hive-Engine project on the Hive blockchain.

With LeoDex, you can trade and manage your Hive-based tokens. We’ve added (and continue to add) a wide variety of features based on what our community asks for.

How to Login

Currently, there is only 1 login option for LeoDex and that is through the Hive Keychain browser extension. We are considering the addition of alternative login options in a future version, but Hive Keychain gives the most seamless and user-friendly experience for LeoDex token trading/management.


The market page on LeoDex is also the homepage of the site. If you go directly to https://dex.leofinance.io, it will open the market page for the LEO token.


2 of the most requested features for Hive-Engine trading were to add a searchable token box and also to add candlestick charts showing historical price action.

You can search tokens based on their ticker symbol with the box just below the “Market” header on the page and you can toggle between candlestick charts and depth charts using the two buttons below the token chart.

Below all of that, you’ll find:

  • The bid and sell order forms where you can do your actual trading
  • The current order book
  • Your current open orders
  • Trade history



The tokens page offers a simple way to search through all of the tokens that are build on the Hive-Engine platform. You can search by symbol with the top search bar or you can sort by clicking any of the 6 available options:

  • Sort by Symbol
  • Sort by Name
  • Sort by Price
  • Sort by Market Cap (M Cap)
  • Sort by % Change (in the past 24 hours)
  • Sort by Volume (in the past 24 hours)


Another newly added feature to the LeoDex is the “Richlist” feature. Many people in the community were asking about an easy way to view a list of token holders sorted by # of tokens owned, staked, delegated, etc.

Richlists are available for any token on Hive-Engine. You can access them by clicking the Richlist button next to a token on the “Tokens” page or on the “Wallet” page.

View a Richlist for any token by clicking the “Richlist” icon

Leo Services:

The “Services” page shows some of the services that are available through the LeoFinance team. Since the move from Steem to Hive, we cut back some of the services we offer but will bring those (and more) back as we continue to build for the Hive blockchain ecosystem.



The wallet page is the most feature-rich section of the entire site. It allows you to manage all of your token balances, deposit/withdrawal swap.hive and more.


  • Deposit / Withdrawal buttons at the top allow you to use the @leodex conversion gateway to convert HIVE into SWAP.HIVE or vice versa with only a 0.25% conversion fee (compared to Hive-Engine’s 1% fee)
  • Below the “Wallet” header you can see the “Estimated value” of your entire wallet (including staked/liquid) tokens. It converts the balance into USD/HIVE/LEO base values
  • “Hide Zero Balance” was a highly requested feature when we first launched the LeoDex — now you can hide low balances (<1 token) on your wallet page for a cleaner experience
  • Sort your holdings with the toggles “Token”, “Balance”, etc. (similar to the Tokens page)
  • On the right-hand side of each token, you’ll find buttons for managing the various tokens in your wallet. If you hover over any of these buttons for a second, it will show a small snippet of text showing what the button does. You’ll notice that not all tokens have the same buttons — this is because some tokens have more features “Enabled” than other tokens. I.e. staking, delegating, etc.



The rewards page allows you to view more detailed information about SCOT tokens — these are tokens that are built on Hive-Engine which mimic the rewards pool Proof of Brain (PoB) distribution style of the HIVE token itself.

On this page, you can see your current staked balance, your pending rewards to claim and also your current voting power for each token. If you click on the “Lightning Bolt” icon to the right of a token, you’ll get a popup that allows you to set a vote weight multiplier:

Setting a vote weight multiplier allows you to utilize less (or more) of your HIVE voting power while manipulating the outcome of your token vote.

For example, if you want to upvote LEO content but only use 10% of your HIVE vote for each 100% LEO upvote, then you would set your LEO multiplier to 10 and then upvote content with a 10% vote. This would effectively make your upvote on Hive only 10% while your upvote on LEO would show as a full 100% upvote.

Some users have gotten very creative in how they utilize this feature to manage several token balances and voting powers. A LeoFinance user named @jk6276 made a great tutorial on how to utilize this feature.

Open Orders:


A one-stop shop for managing your open orders. This was yet another highly requested feature as having a single-page reference for all of your open Hive-Engine token orders was not available until we created this.

Orders on Hive-Engine last until they are either manually cancelled, filled or expire after 30 days. Over the course of 30 days, you may forget about some of your token orders (I know I’ve done it plenty of times). This page can be a great reference for managing your orders and making sure that you don’t forget which orders haven’t been filled yet — especially if you’re an active trader on Hive-Engine.


Ad spot below the https://dex.leofinance.io/rewards page.

As with all of our websites, we have a LeoAd program where ads are displayed in a minimal way. The ad revenue is used to burn LEO on a regular basis. On the LeoDex, you can find an ad spot at the bottom of each page.

I always recommend that people use the Brave browser — if you’re using the Brave browser, you can choose to opt-in to our ads by turning off your Brave Shields for the LeoDex interface. This greatly supports the LEO Token economy and is one of the best ways to contribute to the overall health of LEO.

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