LEO Roundtable #12: LeoFinance Valuation as a Startup, Crypto Onboarding, Tech Companies, Robintrack and Credit Spreads

In the 12th episode of the LEO Roundtable podcast, we set a new record for the length of a single recording session. We did just under 3 hours in this episode and covered a wide range of topics.

One of the main points we discussed (for the first hour of the podcast) is LeoFinance. We wanted to run through all the numbers including ad revenue, token burning, development costs, etc. and create a proper valuation for LeoFinance as a sort of startup tech business.

Because of our token, properly valuing LeoFinance can be an incredibly useful practice. There isn’t a lot to go on when it comes to investing in any crypto token out there and when you can bridge solid fundamentals with the potential of a new startup, you can vastly improve your decision making process.

After talking about LEO and LeoFinance, we talked about onboarding in general and followed it up by talking about streaming services and the future of media.

Moving on from there, we showed off a tool called Robintrack where you can see the hottest stocks on Robinhood — a trading platform for millennials that has recently gotten a lot of attention.

Then we talked credit spreads and analyzed 2 positions that I’ve taken over the past week in light of the last roundtable when the guys urged me to look into options spreads.

We ended the show with a deep dive on dCity and talked about playing the game, earning SIM tokens and NFTs.

Show Notes: https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@khaleelkazi/fqlzptnu

In This Episode:

  • 0:00 Discussion About LEO Tokens, How LeoFinance Started, etc.
  • 4:30 Rundown of LEO’s Finances and Inflation Rate
  • 19:00 Giving LEO & LeoFinance a Proper Valuation Based on Assets & Cashflow
  • 48:00 The Long-Term Model for Ad Revenue and Potential for Paid Marketing to Onboard LeoFinance Users
  • 56:30 What’s a “Reasonable” Valuation for the LEO Token Over the Next 5 Years?
  • 1:08:19 dCity, Splinterlands and Onboarding People to Crypto
  • 1:33:30 Streaming Services and Breaking Down the Growth of Netflix
  • 1:49:00 How to Use the Robintrack Tool to See What Stocks are Trending on Robinhood
  • 2:16:03 SQ Credit Spread Results (From a Trade We Talked About Last Week)
  • 2:25:00 New SPY Credit Spread Analysis
  • 2:34:00 More Analysis on LEO and Other Hive-Engine Tokens
  • 2:38:40 dCity Deep Dive

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