Mar 21, 2020

1 min read

Justin Sun’s Censorship of Content on Steemit Provides the Best Platform for the Hive Blockchain’s Debut

Justin Sun is at it again. This time he’s using Steemit alongside his Tron Foundation resources to block content on the Steemit front end. Content that is related to the newly launched Hive Blockchain — a community fork that was initiated because of the sybil attack that Justin initiated on the Steem blockchain.

After weeks of trying to reach Justin Sun and negotiate a way to cooperate, the Steem community and witnesses decided that a plan B was necessary. When Justin showed continued hostility and a lack of interest in cooperating, the Steem community initiated plan B and we rallied all of our resources/community will to hard fork the Steem blockchain and create a community owned and operated Hive blockchain.

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