Is The Uniswap Token (UNI) A Good Investment?

The UNI airdrop happened out of nowhere a few days ago and the bombshell that dropped on the entire crypto community was that the token didn’t dump. A lot of people saw that Uniswap finally launched a token and I think there was some general excitement around that idea, but a lot of people saw the airdrop distribution and assumed a massive dump would ensue.

Show Notes:

Instead, we saw an incredible rally in the UNI price. In this video, we talk about why UNI might actually be a decent investment and how it is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has a real project behind it.

A lot of cryptocurrencies — especially in the DeFi space — are running on hype and promises for future delivery of products. Back in the ICO days, we saw a lot of people get hurt big by projects like these who promised promised promises but never learned how to deliver.

With a new wave of money flooding the space, many are looking at DeFi coins and wondering if they’re the next moon opportunity or potential falling knife that nobody wants to catch.

Uniswap is an interesting project that is currently at the forefront of the DeFi movement. Perhaps it resembles ETH back in the ICO days? Or perhaps it’s just another project filled with speculation and hype.

During this clip, the UNI token was trading at just above $3. Me and Neal actually went out and bought some UNI while it was below 3 out of both speculation and an understanding that there is a real platform behind Uniswap — or at least one that is more real than most crypto projects.

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