Is Bitcoin’s Success Inevitable?

In this clip from episode #14 of the LEO Roundtable, Rolland asked an interesting question that gave some interesting insight into how we all think about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general:

Rolland: “Is Bitcoin Inevitable?”

Our responses varied but we all have the same underlying belief that Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies are here to stay. We may disagree from time to time on what currencies those are and what use cases are most ripe for disruption, but I think it’s obvious from our responses that we all carry a strong belief about the future of Bitcoin.

I’ll paraphrase our responses. In short, we said:

  • Neal: “law of disruption: If it’s 10x better and 10x cheaper… it will win”
  • Khal: “I believe it’s gonna go up, but I also know that there’s a chance that it could fail.. because anything is possible”
  • Mitch: “We all believe in it, but it’s not guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed to happen and also nothing is guaranteed to not happen”

We elaborate more in the clip and I’m sure this topic will also come back up on a future roundtable as we try to dig through this concept of the inevitability of Bitcoin. It’s an interesting question especially as we all have varying degrees of confidence and choices of investment.

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