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6 min readMay 13, 2020

We’ve mentioned a few times that we were working on a new website to add to the LeoFinance ecosystem. is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of websites.

Our aim is to create useful tools for Hive, LeoFinance and the broader crypto & finance space with the ultimate objective of bringing in new users and retaining experienced users in this ecosystem. has a familiar feel to a tool that I think many of us knew and loved on the Steem blockchain. I personally used that tool daily on Steem and was sad to see that it wasn’t coming to Hive.

After speaking with a dev about ways to create something that is both flexible and user-friendly, we came up with what is now

The site is pretty self-explanatory, but I will review some of the core features in this post and then talk a bit about the next version & features, which we have already started to work on.

Voting Power and Curation APR

1). When you first load the page, you’ll notice the voting power slider on the top left. This slider is showing your current Voting Power along with the value of your 100% vote (at the current VP), how long it will take for your VP to be full and at the bottom it shows your total effective HIVE POWER.

2). Rewards — In the top-middle of the page you can see your recent author/curation rewards. To me, this was one of the most valuable features of the Steem-based tool. We took it one step further and added an automated calculation tool to the right of the chart.

This box — labeled “Curation APR” works as follows:

Your last 7 days of curation * 52 / your total HIVE POWER = Curation APR

Many users on Hive utilize their HIVE POWER with the objective of earning an APR on their investment while rewarding content creators. This tool will allow you to easily see track the fluctuations in your Curation APR.

In V2 of the tool, we’re working on a few other similar automated calculations that users will find valuable whether they are a curator, investor or content creator.


These tabs are going to be familiar and I think most Hive users will be able to easily understand the data presented here. To make the site more lightweight, we’ve omitted some of the more complex features for now.

LeoAd Spot

There’s currently 1 ad spot at the very bottom of the site via our Coinzilla partnership. As with all of our websites, the ad revenue that is generated from this ad is used to buy LEO off the market and send it to Null — permanently burning it from the total LEO supply.

If you’d like to support the LEO token economy, you can opt-in to view ads on this site (and on our other sites like,, etc.) by turning your Brave browser shields (or adblocker) off.

V2 — Advanced Features, Performance Upgrades and More

As I mentioned, this is just the first version of Similar to how we built LeoDex — we’ll start with a simple/lightweight version and then iterate in future releases as we listen to the community about the best features to prioritize.

We built Hivestats from the ground up as something that is both flexible and user-friendly. This allows us to easily add/modify any features that our users want.

We already have a list of features, bug fixes and performance upgrades that will be rolled out within the next 2 weeks as V2 of this tool. We are eager to get feedback and feature-requests. If there’s something that you’d like added to the site, please drop a comment here, on discord or even on Twitter. Our objective is to make something that is user-centric so let us know what stats you’re dying to track!

Short preview of some of the features we’re building in V2:

  1. Hive-Engine Integration (tracking token operations, trades, token curation, token author rewards etc.)
  2. Account Management Tools (integrating buttons for Hive Keychain operations — i.e. transfer, power up, delegate, claim, etc.)
  3. Advanced Analytics (who doesn’t love a good pie chart, graph or line chart? We’ll bring some never-before seen charting to the Hive blockchain with account statistics and advanced tracking/extrapolation)
  4. Tooltips (for users who may not be familiar with all the various Hive statistics/features. We’re integrating a hover-tooltip system that will explain — in layman’s terms — all of the various aspects of Hive like vesting shares, curation rewards, etc.)
  5. Your suggestion here ____ (again, we want the feedback of real users to prioritize the next feature-adds. We’ve got a lot of plans on our own, but the user knows what the user wants. Please drop a comment here or on Discord/twitter).

One day: We’re considering the possibility of a Hive proposal to fund future developments of the website. I’ve been paying attention to the latest community discussions about the proposal system and what has happened in the past with Steem-based tools so we won’t launch a proposal without first completely open-sourcing this tool. For now, we’re in the early stages and can handle the funding/development on our own.

Other LEO Updates:

  1. Our Proof of Delegation for @leo.voter is back online for Hive. Now you can delegate HIVE POWER to @leo.voter and earn ~16% APR paid out every 24 hours in LEO Tokens
  2. New website in the works — because 4 websites aren’t enough, we’re building a standalone version of LeoPedia. We have about ~1 week left of work for that site and I’m excited to unveil it and utilize it as a tool to onboard non-Hivers to this incredible blockchain
  3. New Ad tracking tool — we’re integrating a page on the upcoming LeoPedia site that will allow users to track the buying/burning of LEO from ad revenue and other sources. It’s inspired by Brave/Bat’s tool (

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