How Big Tech is Backpacking the Markets, Unemployment Tampering, Real Estate and Crypto | LEO Roundtable #4

In the latest episode of the LEO roundtable, we kick it off by talking about the latest unemployment numbers and how they may be horribly inaccurate. We move on to discuss the markets from a broad perspective and look at oil, big tech, Apple, real estate, crypto and more.

The roundtable discussions always dig deep and we cover a lot of ground.

In This Episode:

  1. Oil Analysis and Calendar Spreads
  2. The Tech Sector is Backpacking the Market
  3. AAPL chart and price analysis
  4. Short SPY and SPY price analysis
  5. XLT and XLF price analysis
  6. Real estate markets and loans
  7. Brave Browser & BAT Token Analysis
  8. Crypto Analysis
  9. Hive blockchain

Full Episode & Show Notes:

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