Guide to Hive — The Most Comprehensive Tutorial for the Hive Blockchain Ecosystem

With all of the various exchange listings and marketing collaborations between Hive and major players in the crypto space, there has been a lot of increased attention over the past few weeks as Hive gains ground and takes shape.

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Show Notes:

Hive is a complex ecosystem of applications, users, social interactions, rewards pools and more. Trying to navigate this blockchain as a newcomer can be daunting and many are left without a clue where to start.

LeoPedia is also starting to take shape as we put together more guides and resources about crypto & finance.

Since the explosion in price, attention and listings for Hive, I began working on a Hive guide. I’ve done Hive guides in past videos, but never a full-on comprehensive walkthrough of the entire chain.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to Hive than what I cover in this ~55 minute video. What I do cover here are the basics of Hive alongside various walkthroughs of the main features of Hive that I think any interested investor, user, entrepreneur, developer, etc. should learn before diving into this blockchain.

If you take an hour to sit down and read/watch/listen to this guide, I think you’ll come out of it extremely impressed with what Hive is today and what it is aiming to be tomorrow.

To find the the full guide on LeoPedia (including the audio, written and video versions), head over to

In This Episode:

  • Hive Intro (2m 3s)
  • Table of Contents / Overview (2m 22s)
  • Basic Idea of Hive (2m 57s)
  • One Account to Rule Them All (6m 1s)
  • How to Get a Hive Account (8m 27s)
  • The Different Currencies on Hive (10m 24s)
  • The Hive Rewards Pool — What It Is and How It Works (13m 44s)
  • Communities on Hive and How They Work (16m 5s)
  • Hive Witnesses and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) (18m 15s)
  • Development Proposal Voting and DAF (21m 57s)
  • Who Uses Hive? (25m 59s)
  • Applications & Interfaces (44m 4s)
  • (44m 45s)
  • (47m 34s)
  • Hive-Engine (49m 50s)
  • Tools & Resources (51m 38s)

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