Complete Guide to Wrapped Hive | How to Wrap, Swap and Add Liquidity

wHIVE is one of the latest projects to come to the Hive blockchain. Wrapped Hive offers a bridge from Hive to the Ethereum blockchain.

Adding liquidity is a fascinating idea. It essentially gives you tokenized ownership in the swapping of Wrapped Hive. By adding liquidity, you’re adding both wHIVE and ETH to the swapping pool and then you collect a fractionalized share of all the fees that are incurred by Uniswap users of wHIVE.

Right now, the pool is incredibly small which means that you can own a large share of the swapping fees. The fees are also quite small at the moment, so you shouldn’t expect to get rich from this.

Using Hive on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of wHIVE has always been a dream of mine. This video focuses heavily on Uniswap and how we can now utilize HIVE on one of the largest DEXes in the world, but the real excitement comes with the addition of more protocols that adopt wHIVE in the future. This is the first step in an exciting journey of connecting Hive to other blockchains.

Show Notes:

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