Are DeFi Lending Protocols Too Risky?

With DeFi lending protocols reaching new all time highs in terms of users and total value locked, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the risk/reward tradeoff to using collateralized loan products. The LEND token (Aave) just became the first DeFi Token to reach a $1b USD market cap.

I have a relatively decent amount of experience with loan products. Having used them for almost a year now, I feel comfortable with various loan protocols that offer liquidity in exchange for collateralizing some of my crypto.

We’ve posted several tutorials on the LeoFinance social channels related to DeFi and CeFi collateral loan products. One thing that I consistently include in each tutorial is a warning about the risks of using these liquidity products.

Many people in crypto are highly risk-tolerant. That’s the nature of the game when you’re deeply entrenched in an industry that is filled with high-flying assets that make 10% moves look like a mild Tuesday.

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